Mt. Gox Civil Rehabilitation Voting Ends Friday

Claimants have been able to vote since May on whether or not they will accept the reimbursement proposal.

The Mt. Gox civil rehabilitation voting deadline to reimburse victims who lost money from hacks to the cryptocurrency exchange ends this Friday.

  • Mt. Gox was hacked repeatedly from 2012 to 2014, eventually driving the exchange into insolvency.
  • In May, the trustee presiding over the Mt. Gox civil rehabilitation case opened the voting on how to partially reimburse victims who lost money to the in hacks dating back nearly a decade.
  • Those who don’t vote are deemed to have voted against the proposal, according to the trustee. A minimum threshold of 50% of votes is required in order for the proposal to pass, so there is a chance the proposal could fail even if the majority of votes actively cast vote in favor of acceptance.

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